Rosary Altar Society

The Rosary Altar Society . . . A friendly group of woman who quietly take care of our church. Some of the many wonderful acts of kindness these women offer to all of us are vacuuming and dusting the altar every week, maintaining flowers and plants, dry cleaning, laundering and ironing altar cloths, finger towels & baptism towels, provide hand-made bibs for baptisms, check on and purchase priest vestments, change candles, cover all pictures and statues for Lent. They also raise funds for our church and, most importantly, come together joyfully to pray the rosary. Pictured with Father David are a few of the wonderful women from our Rosary Altar Society: Sophie Bryk, Theresa Mahal, Barbara Reed, Angela Borgstrom, Josephine Forestiere, Clara Bowes and Carol Hollar.

New members are welcome and needed. Please contact the rectory for more information.