Top Ten Reasons to Attend an ARK Event

Top Ten Reasons To Attend An ARK Catholic Youth Ministry Event or Gathering

10. You are Catholic
9. You like to have fun.
8. You like being with other teens.
7. You like going on trips.
6. You like laughing.
5. You like being yourself.
4. You’ve got questions
3. You want to be happy.
2. You want to belong.
1. You want God.
(even if you don’t know it)

We’d love to get to know you, to listen to you, to serve you!

Gatherings are the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Grades 6-8 from 5-7pm and high school grades 9-12 6:30-9pm all in our ARK Youth Room (in school). Check out our facebook page: Church of the Assumptions Youth Group Ark